in Siargao Island

A group of talented craftsmen dedicated to hand making quality home furniture in Siargao, Philippines.

We aspire to sustainability in design and production and are dedicated to fostering local artisanship on the island.

Siargao Artisans - Local Furniture Maker

Made to Order with a focus on quality

From handmaking wooden furniture our craft has evolved to incorporate new materials and techniques. Our offering includes furniture, lighting and small accessories for all living areas, from bedroom to outdoor spaces.

Working towards sustainability

We strive to be sustainable in our practices. Whenever possible we use retaso of local woods as well as crushed glass from recycled bottles in our cement. It is important to us that little goes to waste.

Tropical Home Furniture _ Accessories

Elevate your space with our classic

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Siargao Green Artisans bridges old and new by handcrafting furniture, lighting and interior objects with timeless appeal. We reissue classic designs with our own spin and dream up new ideas. Our collection combines creativity and craftsmanship.
Every piece is carefully considered and made to last.

Elevate your space with Siargao Green Artisans

Each of our items is made with the intention of transforming a space.

Everyday our team of local artisans takes steps towards learning new skills and honing their craft. With every piece they make, they are able to express their creativity. We hope that their work inspires other locals
to do the same. We hope that our pieces inspire you to create
a beautiful home.