We are Siargao Green Artisans

A group of talented Siargaonons organized to create furniture and home decor.

Our Brand Foundation

Siargao Green Artisans was built on the idea of creating a local community of artisans who not only enjoy the process of crafting furniture but learn how to do so consciously. We aim to give every worker the tools they need to improve their skills and the freedom to explore different processes and techniques. The wellbeing of our team is our first priority.

Our Approach to Materials

We strive to be sustainable, both in our business practices and with our materials. Whenever possible we use retaso of local woods collected from local construction sites to build our furniture and decor. For all of our cement products we use crushed glass from recycled bottles. It is important to us that little goes to waste in our entire process.

Made to Order. Made to Last.

At Siargao Green Artisans we make sure that as little as possible goes to waste. That is why each of our items is made to order. From hand making wooden furniture our craft has evolved to incorporate new materials and techniques.

Our offering includes furniture, lighting and small accessories for all living areas, from bedroom to outdoor spaces.

Siargao Green Artisans bridges old and new by handcrafting furniture, lighting and interior objects with timeless appeal. We reissue classic designs with our own spin and dream up new ideas. Our collection combines creativity and craftsmanship.

Every piece is carefully considered and made to last.