Our range of tables is handcrafted from local woods. We also incorporate terrazzo, woven rattan and other local materials in our designs.
The Lawak Coffee Table - Tropical Home Decor
The Santa Fe Chair - Tropical Home Decor

Chairs, Stools & Benches

Siargao Green Artisans’ first creation was a wooden chair. We use local semi-hardwood, upcycled wood retaso, rattan caning and various local natural matting.


We hand make each of our lamps, pendants and sconce lights using local woods and natural matting.
General Luna Chair with Seat Cushion - Interior Design
The Buyak Planter - Locally Made


Using cement mixed with crushed recycled-glass bottles, each planter is hand molded and painted in our signature colors. Suitable for indoor or outdoor decor.


Our range of decorative items incorporates local wood, woven rattan and terrazzo for items that are both beautiful and functional.
Wooden Chess Set - Philippine Made